Thursday, 4 August 2011


Hello, and welcome to Manafiend Presents, a blog dedicated to reviews and articles about all things culture. Here, you'll find opinions on everything, from computer games to the stage, and everything inbetween.* I'm Chris, aka Manafiend, the blog author.

The name Manafiend Presents comes from my xbox360 gamertag, manafiend, and that this blog is a presentation of my work. I've taken to using my gamertag everywhere I can online, including twitter and my Steam account. If you see manafiend somewhere, chance is that it's me!

The aim of this blog is to write light-hearted, funny features to spark discussion on a wide range of topics. For now, everything uses a written format, but I hope to branch out into Vlogging some day, so keep your eyes peeled. All comments are welcome, and can be left at the bottom of an article, though I request that they be well-mannered and that any criticism be kept constructive. Any trolling or inappropriate behaviour will result in the comment being removed.

So, with that in mind, hope you all enjoy reading, and come back for more.

* Your definition of 'everything' may vary... Considerably!

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